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Why is Riza Hawkeye so damn easy to icon? Seriously, you barely have to fiddle with the base at all to get a sexy icon of her.

Also Inazuma is one suave bastard, why aren't there more icons of him.

Fullmetal Alchemist - 15 icons
Alphonse Elric - 01
Edward Elric - 08
Gluttony - 01
Riza Hawkeye - 02
Rose - 02
Winry Rockbell - 01

One Piece - 10 icons
Going Merry - 01
Inazuma - 02
Monkey D. Luffy - 03
Nefertari Vivi - 01
Nico Robin - 01
Rob Lucci - 01
Usopp - 01


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